Labeler Specifications

Machine Type: IMPRESSTIK VAC 3000, Servo Motor Drives

The IMPRESSTIK Labeler uses vacuum belt technology in a linear style machine. This provides good quality label application on round containers.   

IMPORTANT: When creating a label to apply to a tapered wine bottle, you must print your labels in a FB-2 format (front and back on separate webs). This allows us to skew the labels to the degree of taper on the bottle.

-Front and back labels printed on the same web (FB-1), and or, front and back printed and separate webs, (FB-2). SIGNATURE PREFERS SAME WEB WHEN NOT USING TAPERED BOTTLES.

- Labels to be wound industry standard #4, this means, labels will face outside the roll with the left edge leading.

- A minimum of 1\8 inch spacing between the labels for electronic sensing.       

- Label rolls must not exceed 14 inches in outside diameter, or excessive label waste will occur.

- Maximum overall label height is 6 inches.

- Minimum overall label height is 3\4 inch.

- Minimum label width is 2 inches.

- Center of label roll core is 3 inches in diameter.

NOTE: Although this machine will apply virtually any size label, you must be aware that large labels will find the imperfections in glass wine bottles, which may cause puckering. For best results, multiple, smaller labels are recommended.

NOTE: Please inquire with Signature regarding clear film labels. These clear film substrates may require special sensing marks, please call for details, and submit samples no later than 60 days prior to bottling dates for proper machine testing and compatability.

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