Truck # 3 Equipment List


  • Dogliotti Unscrambling Table Multiple Chain Dump, auto unscramble.

  • McBrady Orbit - Bottle Cleaner & Sparger, effectively removes carton dust and significantly reduces oxygen pick up. Speeds capable of 60 bpm.

  • GAI Monobloc 3011 Bottle Vacuum-Nitrogen sparger, 16 spout filler, auto leveling device, & single head corker. Speeds capable of 55-60 bpm.


  • GAI 4606 - 6 Head Foil Spinner Frequency Drive speed control on heads, with reversing capabilities. Speeds capable of 55-60 bpm

  • IMPRESSTIK VAC 3000 - Linear Labeler with 2 labeling heads for FB-1, or FB-2. web patterns, Fully Computerized, Touch screen Control, and Servo Motor Drives. Speeds capable of 75 bpm.

  • 3M Automatic Case Sealer - Speeds capable of 10 cases per minute.

  • Optima Steamer - (230 degrees on demand) for quick and efficient sterilization of equipment.

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